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Inch 13 Thoughts like flowers 11x11 cm

We welcome anyone who has a spirit of adventure and fun. Artists of all levels of experience will find encouragement, support and a space to experiment and develop.

Want to find out more, or book a place? Phone Miriam on 01721 723951 or e-mail Claire.



Creative Space is just that: a place where you can explore your creativity without distractions.

Classes take place at the Community Centre, Peebles,  on Wednesdays at 7.00-9.00pm or on Fridays at 9.30 - 11.30am, typically in blocks of six classes at a cost of £60. Basic materials and tea/ coffee are provided.

The price covers tuition, materials, room hire, tea and coffee and a membership card which gives a year's discount in several art shops.


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2018 - 2019 Dates



Classes Places available in Wednesday class; Friday class fully booked.

Payment of £60 due by 26th Oct.


Block 2: Under the Influence        Wednesdays                      Fridays  

                                                          17/10                                 19/10

                                                          24/10                                 26/10

                                                              No classes for two weeks

                                                          14/11                                  16/11

                                                          21/11                                  23/11

                                                          28/11                                  30/11

                                                          5/12                                     7/12


Choose an artist who "speaks" to you and make sure you have access during class to reproductions of their work. You'll be trying different ways of letting the artist influence your own work and doing a little biographical investigation too. I'll bring along Charles Rennie Mackintosh (or at least reproductions of his work) to explain the exercises.

As always, a broad interpretation of the instructions is encouraged - film artists, performance artists, cave artists, cartoonists or whole art movements might be your chosen influence.



Week 1 (Wed17th or Fri 19th Oct) Deconstruction. You'll break down an artwork into its constituent parts - composition, colour, mark-making, rhythm, line, motif.... This will form a visual index for you to refer to over the next 5 sessions.


Week 2 (Wed 24th or Fri 26th Oct) Select an artwork which has distinct shapes in it so that there are outlines to copy. Turner and Rothko wouldn't be very good for this exercise.


Week 3 (Wed 14th or Fri 16th Nov) The main focus this week will be on figure drawing. Forlight relief, you'll be looking for motifs in your chosen artist's work (definition 1: a recurring fragment, theme or pattern that appears in a work of art; definition 2: a singular but distinguishable element in a design or composition, or an element which is repeateed to form a rhythmic flow.) Holiday homework was to find a few really interesting facts about your artist.

























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