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Inch 13 Thoughts like flowers 11x11 cm

We welcome anyone who has a spirit of adventure and fun. Artists of all levels of experience will find encouragement, support and a space to experiment and develop.

Want to find out more, or book a place? Phone Miriam on 01721 723951 or e-mail Claire.


Creative Space is just that: a place where you can explore your creativity without distractions.

Classes take place at the Community Centre, Peebles,  on Fridays at 9.30 - 11.30, typically in blocks of six classes at a cost of £60. Basic materials and tea/ coffee are provided.

The price covers tuition, materials, room hire, tea and coffee and a membership card which gives a year's discount in several art shops.

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Block 2 Programme




Inspiration can come from anywhere; subject matter can be anything. We're going to explore how books can inspire artwork - books in their widest sense include sketchbooks, school jotters, diaries, magazines.

27th October Altered books  If you search for Altered Books online you will be amazed at the range of creative responses, so bring along a book to be cut, folded, painted, torn - one that you've finished reading! If you can't bear to destroy a book, bring along a magazine or a newspaper. And don't forget your craft knife!

As always, you can head off in your own direction at any point, as long as there's a book-related connection, however tiny!

3rd November Artists Books These are different from normal books as you can see from a search of this site: Bring in any of the following: card, decorative papers, sewing kit, craft knife, ribbons or raffia. Think about what you might fill your book with - portraits, magic spells, travel mementoes - and bring any special materials.... or just come with a completely open mind. I have 3 designs I can demonstrate - other demonstrators are most welcome to show what they can do.  

REMINDER: there will be no class on 10th November.


17th November Text    What's your favourite book, poem or word? Newspaper article, nursery rhyme or play? If a particular group of words has moved you to awe, terror, satisfaction or joy, bring them in so you can work from them.

24th November  Juxtaposition and composition     This week, grab a book and any other random object.  

1st December  Push forward, finish up and show off   For our last class of 2017, look through what you've done this session and bring in the following:

something you'd like to develop further;

something that needs to be finished;

something to display to the rest of the group.

Plus -

Have a think about Tesco's offer of space to set up a stall.

Bring £10 deposit to guarantee your place in the class in January.

Bring goodies for party at Isobel's if you're coming along.





































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View our page, and see other activities in Peebles, on the Peebles - the Royal Burgh site.


2017 - 2018 Dates


Block 1: 1st Sept - 6th Oct (6 weeks - £60) FULLY BOOKED

Block 2: 20th Oct - 3rd Nov & 17th Nov - 1st Dec (6 weeks - £60)

FULLY BOOKED We're investigating the possibility of starting another class and will contact those on our waiting list as soon as we have news.

Block 3:  FRIDAY GROUP 12th Jan - 23rd Feb (no class 9th Feb)

NEW THURSDAY GROUP 11th Jan - 22nd Feb) (no class 8th Feb)

(6 weeks, £60)





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Altered Books

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