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Inch 13 Thoughts like flowers 11x11 cm

We welcome anyone who has a spirit of adventure and fun. Artists of all levels of experience will find encouragement, support and a space to experiment and develop.

Want to find out more, or book a place? Phone Miriam on 01721 723951 or e-mail Claire.


Creative Space is just that: a place where you can explore your creativity without distractions.

Classes take place at the Community Centre, Peebles,  on Fridays at 9.30 - 11.30, typically in blocks of six classes at a cost of £60.  A new Thursday class has been added at 7.00 - 9.00. Basic materials and tea/ coffee are provided.

The price covers tuition, materials, room hire, tea and coffee and a membership card which gives a year's discount in several art shops.

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BLOCK 4 NOTES   "My Family and Other Animals"


We finished the last block with self-portraits and there were some brilliant ideas about how to tackle that. Gerald Durrell's book title suggests we expand the subject to include family members past, present and future, as well as friends, pets and other creatures we've encountered. As always, loose interpretation and divergent thinking is encouraged.


Notice that this block is only 4 weeks long, giving all sorts of possibilities for structuring your work: will you paint one person from 4 angles, your cat in 4 seasons, your family's 4 favourite meals? Will you do the 4 front doors of the houses you have lived in, your 4 grandparents, the 4 animals you're most afraid of? Or will you return to your self-portrait and take 4 weeks to complete it?


Encouragement, help and ideas will be available, but there will be less direct instruction, leaving you with more freedom to work on your own ideas, so come along with some thoughts about what you might do and bring any resources you might need in addition to what's provided.


WEEK 2 15th/16th March Be prepared to add to last week's painting, or include in a new one, something that happened this week. It could be a memory, a joke, a word somebody spoke, a hat, a flower, a secret....


WEEK 3 22nd/23rd March. You may feel you've hardly started on this theme or that you've come to a conclusion. You might know exactly what to do next, or not. If not, you can think about was successful or useful or interesting in earlier weeks and use that to develop your work. You can also look back at the introduction above for some ideas.






































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2017 - 2018 Dates


Block 1: 1st Sept - 6th Oct (6 weeks - £60) FULLY BOOKED

Block 2: 20th Oct - 3rd Nov & 17th Nov - 1st Dec (6 weeks - £60)

FULLY BOOKED We're investigating the possibility of starting another class and will contact those on our waiting list as soon as we have news.

Block 3:  FRIDAY GROUP 12th Jan - 23rd Feb (no class 9th Feb)FULLY BOOKED

NEW THURSDAY GROUP 11th Jan - 22nd Feb) (no class 8th Feb)

(6 weeks, £60) Places available.

Block 4 FRIDAY GROUP 9th March - 30th March (4 weeks - £40) FULLY BOOKED

             THURSDAY GROUP 8th March - 29th March (4 weeks - £40) PLACES AVAILABLE






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