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Inch 13 Thoughts like flowers 11x11 cm

We welcome anyone who has a spirit of adventure and fun. Artists of all levels of experience will find encouragement, support and a space to experiment and develop.

Want to find out more, or book a place? Phone Miriam on 01721 723951 or e-mail Claire.



Creative Space is just that: a place where you can explore your creativity without distractions.

Classes take place at the Community Centre, Peebles,  on Wednesdays at 7.00-9.00pm or on Fridays at 9.30 - 11.30am, typically in blocks of six classes at a cost of £60. Basic materials and tea/ coffee are provided.

The price covers tuition, materials, room hire, tea and coffee and a membership card which gives a year's discount in several art shops.


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View our page, and see other activities in Peebles, on the Peebles - the Royal Burgh site.


2018 - 2019 Dates


Peebles Creative Place Art Trail 24th Aug - 2ndSept

We'll be exhibiting in Woodworks and La Petite Chambre again. If you would like to paticipate but have not received an e-mail with the draft timeline and the call for volunteers, let me know and I'll add you to the exhibition mailing list.


Classes Places available in Wednesday class; Friday class fully booked.

Block 1: Hop, Skip and Jump (Wed 29th Aug - Wed 3rd Oct or Fri 31st Aug - Fri 5th Oct 2018)


This term’s course is a refreshing exploration of materials, experimenting with them over a wide variety of subjects.

Week 1 (Wed. 29/8 or Fri. 31/8) Bring in 2 objects, one plain and simple and the other complex. A bunch of flowers in a vase would fit the bill. I’ll bring in my monkey (complex) in a box (plain). If you wish to use your own materials, bring in pencils, pastels and/or charcoal.


Week 2 (Wed 5/9 or Fri 7/9)

Great start in week 1, everyone - lovely to be back amongst all that creative energy! This week, bring in 2 photos of landscape, seascape, townscape or skyscape that are attractive and/or important to you. They can be your own photos or from other sources, hard copies or digital. Materials this week will be wet - ink, watercolour and acrylic.

Remember, if you want to join our private Facebook page, send a friend request to Creative Space Art Group.


Week 3 (Wed 12/9 or Fri 14/9)

Our loose definition of printing is anything which involves transferring an image from one surface to another. The process itself might be inspiration enough but if you need a subject, it's Hands. Things will get messy.

Please bring some of the following: print rollers; acetate sheet or any smooth plastic sheet to roll out the ink; newspapers; tissue paper; dud credit cards; ink pads, textured materials such as seeds, leaves, lace; cereal packets. And if you have printer paper, please bring along a few sheets.


Week 3 (Wed 19/9 or Fri 21/9)

Collage has a life of its own and is a generous friend to the artist. Even if you don't intend to use collage in your work, you will find inspiration and become more sensitive to composition as a result of working with it. I love collage! If you have odd bits of printed material from last week, failed paintings, newspaper, magazines, tissue paper, bus tickets, coins, pressed flowers - in fact, anything that can be glued down, bring it in. Another messy week coming up!























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