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Inch 13 Thoughts like flowers 11x11 cm

We welcome anyone who has a spirit of adventure and fun. Artists of all levels of experience will find encouragement, support and a space to experiment and develop.

Want to find out more, or book a place? Phone Miriam on 01721 723951 or e-mail Claire.



Creative Space is just that: a place where you can explore your creativity without distractions.

Classes take place at the Community Centre, Peebles,  on Fridays at 9.30 - 11.30, typically in blocks of six classes at a cost of £60.  A new Wednesday class has been added at 7.00 - 9.00. Basic materials and tea/ coffee are provided.

The price covers tuition, materials, room hire, tea and coffee and a membership card which gives a year's discount in several art shops.


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View our page, and see other activities in Peebles, on the Peebles - the Royal Burgh site.


2017 - 2018 Dates


Block 1: 1st Sept - 6th Oct (6 weeks - £60) FULLY BOOKED

Block 2: 20th Oct - 3rd Nov & 17th Nov - 1st Dec (6 weeks - £60)

FULLY BOOKED We're investigating the possibility of starting another class and will contact those on our waiting list as soon as we have news.

Block 3:  FRIDAY GROUP 12th Jan - 23rd Feb (no class 9th Feb)FULLY BOOKED

NEW THURSDAY GROUP 11th Jan - 22nd Feb) (no class 8th Feb)

(6 weeks, £60) Places available.

Block 4 FRIDAY GROUP 9th March - 30th March (4 weeks - £40) FULLY BOOKED

             THURSDAY GROUP 8th March - 29th March (4 weeks - £40) PLACES AVAILABLE


Block 5

FRIDAY GROUP 20th April - 8th June excl 4th May (7 weeks - £70) FULLY BOOKED    WEDNESDAY GROUP 25th April - 6th June                (7 weeks - £70)

Please note, we charge by the block rather than by the week as this allows us to offer a course with progression, to guarantee you a place for the whole block and to keep the cost low so even if you miss a couple of weeks, it's still a bargain!


 Creative Destruction

This block is organised in 3x2 week parts plus a presentation week at the end. Each part will have a wild and reckless warm-up activity one week and an orderly skills warm-up activity the next. We'll be looking for the inspiration that can come out of dramatic change.



WEEK 4 (Wed 16th and Fri 18th May) More figure work. No need to bring in anything special this week.




IMG_3922 Altered Book Altered Book Lorna Altered book Diane

Altered Books

Altered book Val2