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Creative Space Classes

Classes are fully booked and waiting list is currently closed.

Creative Space classes allow you to explore your creativity in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. They take place at the Scout Hall, Dean Park in Peebles on  Fridays at 9.30 - 11.30am, typically in blocks of 4 classes at a cost of £50.

Suggested materials:  pencil, pen or charcoal;

                                      watercolour, acrylics or pastels (red, yellow, blue and white);

                                      mixing palette;



                                      water pot;

                                      collage materials and tools (optional).

Coffee and tea provided.

Current Block

5th - 26th April


Put two or more items together and watch them interact. 

Week 4: You'll be developing work based on a place, an animal and an object of your choice, so bring references (sketches, photos or, in the case of objects, the thing itself). And so you can surprise yourself with unexpected juxtapositions, you'll be working with masking tape, stencils and/ or collage; bring what you need for these methods. (Any of the following: masking tape, card, scissors, craft knife, cutting mat, collage items.)

 2024 DATES

12/1 - 2/2        New Year Block

23/2 - 15/3      Winter Block

5/4 - 26/4        Easter Block

10/5 - 14/6      Summer Block Note this is a 6-week block. Fee is £75.



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