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Creative Space Classes

Classes are fully booked and waiting list is currently closed.

Creative Space classes allow you to explore your creativity in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. They take place at the Scout Hall, Dean Park in Peebles on  Fridays at 9.30 - 11.30am, typically in blocks of 4 classes at a cost of £50.

Suggested materials:  pencil, pen or charcoal;

                                      watercolour, acrylics or pastels (red, yellow, blue and white);

                                      mixing palette;



                                      water pot;

                                      collage materials and tools (optional).

Coffee and tea is provided.

Current Block 13th January - 3rd February


Exploring your response to different environments.

Some people are very much at home in the kitchen, for example, conjuring deliciousness, kneading bread, orchestrating a hungry crowd round a big table - while others might see a looming pile of dirty dishes, a germ-covered floor and an endless list of thankless chores.


Where do you feel at home? Or not? (eg at sea, with family, on a hilltop, at work, driving, in the garden, at parties) Can you capture your sense of place by using various painting techniques?


Preparation for Week 3: Is there a place where you feel different – more or less confident than usual / free from normal concerns / very anxious or calm?  Investigate how other artists have approached the depiction of mood and bring along any reference photos that might be useful.


Week 4 Think again about “your place,” the place you feel you belong – where, when, with whom, with what and maybe even think about why.

2023 News and Dates

Proposed dates for the first half of the year are:

13/1 - 3/2

3/3 - 24/3

21/4 - 12/5

26/5 -16/6



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