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Inch 13 Thoughts like flowers 11x11 cm

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A selection of artists from Crossing Borders have been invited into unexpected workplaces in Peebles: Castle Warehouse, Grandison's Plasterworks; Renwick and Weir joiners and Go Ape amongst others. For me, it's Nomad Beat, the charity-run music school. We've to find inspiration in these venues and use it to make new artworks. With a ceramicist, a jeweller and a couple of textile workers as well as painters, the resulting exhibition in the Tweeddale Gallery in early 2015, should be worth a look. We're pleased to have support from Scottish Borders Museums and Galleries services and from Peebles Creative Place.

By clairebb, Jun 19 2014 09:19PM

18/6/14 Made my first visit to Nomad Beat. There are several small rooms for one-to-one teaching and a large room/small hall for group work. Alison was very welcoming and relaxed and said she'd cleared it with all the teachers for me to come back, sketch and take photos. I'd chosen a non-teaching time for this first visit, so I heard not a note being played - all my stimulus was visual

PS This is my first ever blog, so I'll try to improve things as I go!

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