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Inch 13 Thoughts like flowers 11x11 cm

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A selection of artists from Crossing Borders have been invited into unexpected workplaces in Peebles: Castle Warehouse, Grandison's Plasterworks; Renwick and Weir joiners and Go Ape amongst others. For me, it's Nomad Beat, the charity-run music school. We've to find inspiration in these venues and use it to make new artworks. With a ceramicist, a jeweller and a couple of textile workers as well as painters, the resulting exhibition in the Tweeddale Gallery in early 2015, should be worth a look. We're pleased to have support from Scottish Borders Museums and Galleries services and from Peebles Creative Place.

Tea and Creativity

By clairebb, Aug 9 2014 09:15PM

I enjoy time spent on my own in the studio but of course, too much of your own company can make you go a bit odd, so it was good to be asked to meet up with Alison (Nomad Beat) and Richard (Creative Place) to discuss, over a cup of tea, how the residency is going.

"Doing away, doing away," is the answer, "but no breakthrough yet." It felt as if I was hesitating at the threshold still and not making the most of my access to the music and musicians.

For our meeting I had to formulate my thoughts and express my experiences coherently to Alison and Richard, then they bounced back their enthusiasm and knowledge; this was what had been missing - it gave me the stimulation and encouragement to explore more adventurously. Rather than just looking at the musicians, I intend to quiz them about their experiences and use this information from outside my own observations to shape my work.

That was a most refreshing cup of tea!

Aug 10 2014 01:02AM by Mary

Synergy? Gawn yersel Claire...what an experiment/adventure! No rules/Making your own rules/ no guidelines to follow... but lots of support! I wonder where this will take you. How exciting!!! I shall be following with interest. Cheering you on -Mx

Aug 10 2014 07:47AM by Lindsay

The no rules/go wherever it leads you/enjoy it all aspect of these residencies is wonderful!

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